Alveo Energy is a partner of Alveo Water and Sustainable Engineering Consultants (SEC) which is well-established company based in Somerset West, Western Cape. Our footprint extends beyond the borders of South Africa with most projects derived from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our projects vary from small to large scale for industrial, commercial, municipalities and private clients.
We pride ourselves in building strong trustworthy relationships with our clients and delivering on the highest of expectations - leading the way in innovation and development of cutting edge technology in our field of business.

Every energy solution is custom designed, based on energy analysis, taking existing infrastructure into account , client’s needs, budget and environmental factors.

In order to acquire the desired solution, we’ll often collaborate with specialists in a specific field. It’s through our extensive experience in the industry that we have learned which process works best for each individual objective.

Our team

Alveo’s team is made up of chemical, mechanical, civil and electrical engineers as well as proficient artisans. We also employ only qualified electricians and control panel manufacturers.

Our team has more than 16 years experience in the renewable energy sector.

We have forged strong partnerships with stakeholders, suppliers and advisors and it’s because of these excellent relationships that we are the preferred installers for several of our specialist equipment suppliers within the energy field.

Tobias Feistauer
Managing Director (Elec. Eng)

Meyer de Villiers
Director (Pr. Eng)

Luan Schoeman
Director (B.Eng Chem)

Part of the Sustainable Engineering Group


Our vision is to save resources for a sustainable future by providing solutions that best serve our clients’ needs.