Traditional application of small wind turbines can be easily divided into On-grid and Off-grid systems.
Horizontal Turbines

Vertical Turbines


From 500w to 100Kw

The new and special design of our V & H wind turbines opens new advantages for African conditions.

Advantages of vertical turbines

– Very quiet

– High saftey functions

– High efficiency in turbulent wind

– Bird and bat safe

– Long-life generator & system

– Low-maintenance

– Small area

– Short tower/mast/pole

– Small foundation

Key benefits of decentralised systems

– Stability of grid (network)

– Energy produced on site where it is needed

– Energy for commerical, industrial and private enterprises

– Environmetally friendly through CO2 reduction

Key benefits of ON-grid & Off-grid systems

– Energy for the house or farm without a network

– Not being subjected to price increases and service delivery problems