The benefits

of our CHP units

  • Own electricity and heat supply
  • High efficiency
  • High quality
  • Low gas consumption

  • Long life cycle
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce diesel consumption

Engines supplied by leading brands

heat and Power

Our CHP units can be used for:

Produced in anaerobic digestion of animal manure, fruit and food processing waste and some others.

Landfill gas

Produced in landfills and conventionally flared.

Sewage gas

Produced as a by-product of sewage treatment.

Wood gas

From a gasifier running on coal, wood chips or pellets.

Natural gas

Supplied by the national gas grid.

Gas-Otto CHP

and Dual-Fuel CHP

Replace your old diesel generator with a Dual-Fuel biogas system,
save money and gain heat energy.

Spark plug engine (Gas-Otto)

  • Go independent and save money

  • No diesel consumption

  • High thermal efficiency
  • Convert heat into cooling

Diesel-gas engine (Dual-Fuel)

  • Reduce your diesel consumption in generator sets

  • 90% Reduction of diesel consumption but 100% diesel back-up availability

  • Fast load response for off grid solutions

monitoring of CHP Units

Remote monitoring means, on-line monitoring of the CHP unit's operational and technical condition. It enables to quickly respond to possible machine faults and helps to prevent them.

This feature saves customers money since it cuts down the CHP unit‘s idle time in case of a failure.

Reduction of service costs because of timely analysis of a fault or symptom.

Saving of the CHP's yields by minimizing the idle time in case of failure.

Analyses of operating status, thus eliminating the need to physically get service engineers to a specific installation site.

Alveo Energy manufactures locally.
We support the client with local service and online support.